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PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a synthetic peptide designed to address sexual dysfunction by stimulating melanocortin receptors in the brain. This peptide’s unique mechanism of action targets areas involved in sexual desire and arousal, offering potential benefits for both men and women experiencing libido issues. 

PT-141 is distinct from traditional aphrodisiacs as it acts centrally on the nervous system rather than affecting hormone levels directly. Sweden Clinical studies suggest PT-141 may enhance sexual function and satisfaction without significant side effects commonly associated with other treatments. Its ability to target specific pathways makes PT-141 a promising option for individuals seeking a novel approach to improving their sexual health.

Buy PT-141 Peptide

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The PT-141 Peptide Range:

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PT-141 Specifications

View PharmaGrade Store Sweden PT-141 HPLC Certificate here.

Sequence: Ac-Nle-Asp(1)-His-D-Phe-Arg-Trp-Lys(1)-OH

Molecular Formula: C50H68N14O10

Molecular Weight: 1025.2 g/mol


Buy PT-141 Peptide

PT-141, also known as Bremelanotide, is a synthetic peptide designed to address sexual dysfunction by targeting melanocortin receptors in the brain. This innovative peptide works by stimulating pathways involved in sexual desire and arousal, offering potential benefits for individuals struggling with libido issues including Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) [1].

Unlike traditional treatments, PT-141 acts centrally on the nervous system rather than altering hormone levels directly. By activating specific receptors in the brain, PT-141 may enhance sexual function and satisfaction in both men and women [2].

Sweden Clinical research indicates that PT-141’s mechanism of action can lead to increased libido and arousal without major side effects commonly associated with other medications. This makes PT-141 a promising future option for those seeking a novel approach to improving their sexual health and overall well-being [3].

Benefits of PT-141 Peptide

Sweden In vitro testing and clinical studies have indicated that PT-141 peptide could have the following advantages:

  • Improved sexual arousal and performance – Both men and women users can experience enhanced satisfaction and pleasure during sexual activity.
  • Suitable for Men and Women – possible treatment for sexual dysfunction in men and women which differs from traditional libido enhancing medication which has typically developed and aimed for men [3].
  • Works on the central nervous system stimulation without direct hormone manipulation – Targeted action on melanocortin receptors in the brain for specific sexual function enhancement unlike Viagra which uses the cardiovascular system.
  • Skin Pigmentation – While it’s not specifically indicated for treating skin pigmentation issues, some studies suggest that melanocortin receptors play a role in regulating skin pigmentation.

PT-141 Clinical Research

Sweden Studies have found PT-141 is primarily used to treat female sexual dysfunction. However, research shows it can also benefit men suffering from low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other impotence issues. In addition, the PT-141 peptide could boost sexual desire through the central nervous system.

A melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH) impacts sexual arousal, increasing libido levels and penile erections. PDES inhibitors like Viagra and Cialis target the vascular system, but PT-141 Bremelanotide doesn’t. To increase sexual desire, it activates neurons in the hypothalamus [2].

PT-141 Bremelanotide stimulates the mPOA terminals in the brain, causing sexual arousal, according to research. Additionally, dopamine hormones, which influence sexual desire and motivation, can be released from the affected part of the brain. As a neurotransmitter, dopamine sends signals to nerve cells in the brain. Therefore, libido can be affected by low levels of dopamine [4].

The effects of PT-141 have known to be heightened when used in conjunction with Kisspeptin Peptide. 

PT-141 Kisspeptin Peptide Stack

Kisspeptin PT-141 peptide

Combining PT-141 and Kisspeptin peptides may offer synergistic benefits for enhancing sexual function. While PT-141 targets sexual desire and arousal through melanocortin receptors, Kisspeptin peptides regulate reproductive hormones. Together, they could potentially improve libido, arousal, hormone balance, and overall sexual health in a comprehensive manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions about PT-141 Peptide

Who is PT-141 Bremelanotide not suitable for?

It’s crucial to consult with a Sweden healthcare provider before considering PT-141 to determine if it is safe and appropriate for individual circumstances. 

Is PT-141 legal?

PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is legal for certain medical uses with a valid Sweden prescription. It has been approved by the FDA for treating hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in premenopausal women. However, regulations may vary by country, so it’s essential to consult Sweden healthcare professionals or regulatory authorities for the most up-to-date information on its legal status in specific regions.

Does PT-141 have any side effects?

The safety of PT-141 (Bremelanotide) is constantly under review, studies have found that it may cause some adverse side effects, although they are typically mild and transient. Common side effects reported in clinical trials include: nausea, flushing, headache, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue and possible injection site irritation. It’s important to note that individual responses to PT-141 can vary, and some people may experience no side effects at all. If any concerning or persistent side effects occur while using PT-141, it’s advisable to seek medical attention promptly. Consulting with a healthcare provider before starting PT-141 can help manage expectations and address any potential side effects effectively.

Will PT-141 increase my sexual arousal? 

Clinical studies have shown promising results in enhancing libido and arousal in both men and women with hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) including proving particularly effective in premenopausal women [5].

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Scientific Research:

[1] Edinoff AN, Sanders NM, Lewis KB, Apgar TL, Cornett EM, Kaye AM, Kaye AD. Bremelanotide for Treatment of Female Hypoactive Sexual Desire. Neurol Int. 2022 Jan 4;14(1):75-88.

[2] King SH, Mayorov AV, Balse-Srinivasan P, Hruby VJ, Vanderah TW, Wessells H. Melanocortin receptors, melanotropic peptides and penile erection. Curr Top Med Chem. 2007;7(11):1098-1106.

[3] Diamond LE, Earle DC, Garcia WD, Spana C. Co-administration of low doses of intranasal PT-141, a melanocortin receptor agonist, and sildenafil to men with erectile dysfunction results in an enhanced erectile response. Urology. 2005 Apr;65(4):755-9. 

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