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BPC157 and TB500 Blend Nasal Spray

Research studies have found BPC157 and Tb500 work together for benefits such as injury recovery and healing.

TB500= 10mg | BPC157 Blend = 10mg

15ml Nasal Spray contains 20mg

30ml Nasal Spray contains 40mg

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BPC157 and TB500 Blend Nasal Spray

Research has found that using BPC157 and TB500 Blend nasal spray offers a multitude of benefits for tissue repair and overall health. Both peptides work together to synergistically enhance tissue repair, speed up recovery from injuries, and promotes overall musculoskeletal health. Their regenerative properties work in harmony to improve healing processes, reduce inflammation, and support the body’s natural ability to recover, potentially leading to improved physical performance and wellness.

Nasal Sprays are supplied in a glass bottle with plastic nasal spray cap for a non-invasive peptide administration via the nasal cavity.

Benefits of  BPC157 and TB500 Blend Nasal Spray :

The BPC157 TB500 Blend nasal spray hold many advantages for researchers seeking a painless administration of this popular peptide, including:

  • Increased Peptide Absorption: BPC157 and TB500 Blend nasal spray offers an efficient and fast absorption via the mucous membranes in the nose.
  • Avoids the Digestive System: By bypassing the digestive system, peptide nasal sprays could prove to have a higher bioavailability and rapid effect.
  • Non-invasive Peptide Delivery: The BPC157 and TB500 Blend nasal spray offers an easy delivery method, without the need for injections, needles or reconstitution of peptides.
  • Convenient Peptide Application: The BPC157 and TB500 Blend nasal spray offers convenient application method enables easy integration into daily routines, potentially improving recovery from injuries, supporting joint health, and enhancing physical performance.
  • Brain Targeting: Some peptides delivered via nasal spray have the potential to target the brain directly, offering specific therapeutic advantages.


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